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Performance Automated Robotics designs and manufactures robotic welding systems to improve efficiencies in manufacturing processes for the Agriculture Equipment Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, HVAC, Laboratory/Science and Contract Manufacturers industries. 

“At Ferris Industries, we continue to implement robotics in our welding applications to assure the highest quality and repeatability.” 

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P.A. Robotics has been designing, building, installing and servicing cost-effective robotic systems in order for small to medium sized manufacturers and fabricators to realize the following:

  • Increased volume in production
  • Repeatability in processes
  • Quality and consistency in the task the robotic system performs
  • Return on investment, often inside of one year because of advances in automation and power sources

At P.A. Robotics, we’re committed to our promise of delivering efficient systems with a high degree of quality and technical support while leveraging our experience to assist the user experience. With the ability to develop custom approaches and tools through our strong vendor relationships (like
Panasonic and Kuka), the systems that are built for your facility are able to be modified by your internal staff as your processes evolve, saving money on costly “service technician calls”. 

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